Search Engine Optimization

Customers are searching for what you offer. Get in front of them with Edmonton SEO services.

Top Draw is an Edmonton Digital Marketing company founded in 1993. We have a history?of high performance digital marketing for our clients and have been successfully doing SEO for our clients for years. As partners, we will paint a bigger picture and reveal exactly how to take your brand to the next competitive level—be it local SEO (Edmonton) or strategic SEO (Canada or beyond).

We perform a number of SEO services for our clients, including:

  • SEO & Digital Marketing Audits – to uncover what changes are required to take your digital presence to the next level
  • Local SEO – great for companies with bricks and mortar locations
  • Keyword Research – to show where latent online demand exists
  • Website Optimization – to optimize your website to get better visibility in Google for the keywords that matter

SEO Audits

Some of our clients have web development capability and need our SEO experts to review their website and provide prescriptive fixes that their web developers can implement. We can build SEO audit documents that tell developers exactly how to fix and enhance websites for optimal SEO performance.

Our audits prioritize work based on impact and difficulty/cost to implement.

Local SEO

Attract foot traffic to your bricks and mortar locations

With the use of local SEO, we create and implement customized local search strategies to place your business high ranking in both search engine results lists and the map pack. Not only do we make your business easier to find organically, but your business also becomes more readily searched by mobile and maps.?From Google Places claiming?and implementation to Facebook pages, we help drive foot traffic to your local business.

We’ve also helped clients with dozens or hundreds of retail locations with local SEO strategy to ensure their brand is consistent and optimized for multiple markets.

Local SEO can include:

  • Google Places acquisition
  • Page optimization & categorization
  • Schema?implementation
  • Business citations
  • Google reviews & reputation management
  • Local citation building

Keyword Research

Keyword research is an important part of understanding what the demand is like online for your products or services. It’s the first step in understanding how prospects talk about your products and what keywords will be important to rank on in Google search results, and what keywords we’ll need to use in Google AdWords campaigns.

Website Optimization

Optimizing a website has many steps, including:

  • Recommending the best Information Architecture (page names and how they’re organized)
  • Strategically choosing whether we need to create entire sections, pages, parts of pages, or just need to add a few keyword to a page in order to rank and be optimized.
  • Optimizing titletags, meta descriptions, images, etc.

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