Teleroo Technologies

How do you show the parents of children with development disabilities what’s possible?

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The Challenge

Teleroo required a platform that showcased its technical capabilities that allows families and clinicians to collaboratively communicate about the progress of children with disabilities.

The Solution

Top Draw teamed up with The Uncomplicated Family to launch their first website for their unique app. Top Draw refreshed Teleroo’s brand to reflect their passion for care, collaboration, and connections. A colour palette was chosen to communicate Teleroo’s heartfelt, genuine, and friendly tone, while using typography to communicate the company’s innovative technology.

We refreshed their current icons for each product in the suite; the icons use multiple colours that connect and overlap one another to reflect the collaborative network of health disciplines that come together to increase a child’s success.

The Uncomplicated Family

The Uncomplicated Family is a progressive health innovation company based out of Alberta who embrace commitment, innovation and compassion to enhance the quality of life for individuals, families and communities who are affected by disabilities.

The Uncomplicated Family are Hope Creators for distressed families that are frustrated with limited options.

Teleroo’s proprietary technology stands for
Trust. Hope. Resilience.

teleroo plane icon teleroo face icon teleroo 123 icon teleroo clock icon

Parents searching for a connection found a solution.

Teleroo provides customized intervention to make a meaningful difference in the lives of children, families, and communities.

Screnshot of the Teleroo website
Screnshot of the Teleroo website