Redefining Heavy Industry

As a leader in the field of electric motors and controls with over 100 years of experience, TECO-Westinghouse saw the need to redevelop their website to make it easier for customers to access services and products, no matter their location. Competing in such a high-demand industry, time truly is money.

When TECO-Westinghouse sat down with Top Draw they had specific goals; one of which was to build a complex site that was simple for users to navigate, and the other was to build a functionality superior to that of their competitors. The website also had to be mobile responsive so it can be accessed both in the office and in the field.

Customized & Downloadable Diagrams

A common request from TECO-Westinghouse’s customers and distributors are static PDF reports, data sheets and curved diagrams derived from specific product calculations. Understanding that time is valuable for both TECO-Westinghouse and heavy industry companies, Top Draw built the ability to import and update data sheets, graphs and spreadsheets in the website directly by the customer. Now diagrams and data sheets can be generated in the field!

23.8% Goal Completion Rate

Search Engine Optimization

Top Draw’s skilled Search Engine Optimization (SEO) strategists researched TECO-Westinghouse’s target audiences with a fine-tooth comb and embedded their key search words to ensure their website ranks highest on the results list of the search engine, and maximizes the number of people who visit the website. For TECO-Westinghouse, that means an increase in brand recognition, an increase in sales and leads, plus the encouragement of repeat buyers. That’s a win!

Exclusive Service for Distributors

TECO-Westinghouse places an emphasis on superior customer service which is directly reflected in their request to have an exclusive sign-in capability for all of their distributors. This feature gives the distributors the ability to check stocked inventory and prices, and the status of their own custom builds without having to contact a TECO-Westinghouse representative.