Tamlo International Inc.
Ensuring you are set up for Digital Marketing success

Tamlo International Inc. is a Quebec-based company that offers online education programs for North American companies focusing on financial crime prevention, including Anti Money Laundering compliance training. After a recent new website launch, Tamlo was looking for a reliable partner to support growing their lead generation efforts through digital marketing.

At Top Draw, we tailor our digital marketing strategy to your needs, ensuring your unique challenges and opportunities are addressed. Upon review of Tamlo’s new website, a variety of issues were found that would be a blocker for driving leads and conversions. With limited resources available for digital marketing, leveraging efficient and cost-effective tactics was essential.

Top Draw recommended a Discovery project with a dual purpose:

  1. Audit tamlo.com and implement fixes required to improve basic website performance
  2. Research digital marketing opportunities and potential challenges and create recommendations around strategy, targeting, channel use and ad spend

Our Results

  • Fixed website issues
  • Created fulsome report, including long term action items
  • Identified opportunities in their industry/market
  • Tailored those opportunities to actionable recommendations specific to their business needs and available budget and resources
  • Grew a trusted partnership that allowed the Tamlo team to focus on what they do best
Tamlo website

We were referred to Top Draw by a company that had seen great success from partnering with them. Our primary goal was to have their team evaluate our current website, explain where we were, and implement the most important improvements needed to maximize what we have.

Working with Top Draw was the right decision. Not only did they pinpoint those needed improvements, but they also highlighted what was good and why. Their analysis and reports were thorough and highly professional. We are currently putting their recommendations into practice.

Our next step is to partner with Top Draw on a marketing plan.

Glen Thorsteinson
Glen ThorsteinsonPresident, Director of Technology at TAMLO International Inc.