Collaborating from Within

Designing the online banking system for Servus Credit Union

Service for Servus

Servus Credit Union needed a designer’s vision to bring their new online banking platform to life. What they did not anticipate was how flexible Top Draw was willing to be when one of our designers literally switched his Top Draw desk for a Servus Credit Union cubicle—talk about hands-on. Although loaning out web designers isn’t exactly a common occurrence executed by Top Draw, it was something we were willing to do to help our client achieve their online goals.

The partnership between Servus Credit Union and Top Draw was strictly design heavy involving information architecture and front-end design. With wireframes and a number of reference points to work from, Top Draw’s designer put life into everything from bill payments to transfers, and security settings to viewing customer account information and summaries.

Injecting the Servus brand into wireframes for the online banking platform.

Extending the Servus brand online

The work doesn’t just stop at the design. Once the project was underway, Top Draw’s designer recognized that an online style guide was needed, so he offered his service and created one in collaboration with Servus Credit Union’s marketing team and creative department. The result was an highly organized reference of brand guidelines, templates, colour usage, typography, iconography and more for their developers.

Implementing a Dual Comprehensive Tracking System

With the design complete and the site up-and-running, Top Draw had one more win up their sleeve: Google Tag Manager. GTM was incorporated in Service Credit Union’s new site to enhance the simplicity of tracking user behaviour today, and improve understanding of their online impact for tomorrow. Plus, Servus Credit Union’s marketing team can now make quick and easy online changes without scheduling a time with their IT department.