Branching out from the competition

As a blooming green thumb business that has been family-owned and operated for three generations, Salisbury Landscaping was ready to expand from the traditional greenhouse market and specialize in exterior design. Salisbury Landscaping connected with Top Draw to remarket their website, garner a separate audience specific to landscaping and improve visitor tracking with a better targeted audience.


Increased traffic to career & career employment pages


Improved Outdoor Vision Tool that enjoyed increased traffic


Photo Gallery Increased Traffic, 24.81% less bounce rate

Optimizing Search Results, Organically

Top Draw’s skilled search engine optimization strategists performed an in-depth market research analysis of Salisbury Landscaping’s target audience to uncover the top organic search terms used when searching for landscaping services. Their analysis zeroed-in on user preferences to such a degree that Salisbury Landscaping’s website ranks highest on a seach results list. High ranking translates into an increase in brand recognition and an increase in sales and leads.

As of 2014, Top Draw increased Salisbury Landscaping’s site traffic via mobile by 73%, as well as an increase in unique pageviews by 28.06% with an average search position of 1.2! This means Salisbury Landscaping will be at the top of a prospect’s search result almost all the time.

Aggressive Competitor Marketing

From the positive results gained from the SEO strategy, Top Draw was ready to take it one step further by targeting Salisbury Landscaping’s competitor audience with concentrated ads. Top Draw was able to locate and attract individuals surfing the web with the intent to buy goods and services related to landscaping and services offered by their leading competitors. Those ads would, and continue to, drive a new stream of traffic to the Salisbury Landscaping site, traffic that would not otherwise arrive organically.

As of 2014, Salisbury Landscaping’s website covered 80% of their competitor brand searches.

Leveraging our Success Together

The success that Salisbury Landscaping and Top Draw have had in working together lead to the opportunity of expanding Salisbury Landscaping’s human resources reach and recruit experienced landscaping professionals from as far away as the UK and Ireland.

The Outdoor Vision Tool™: See Into the Future

Conceived in-house by Salisbury Landscaping, the Outdoor Vision Tool™ is an incredibly effective tool that allows customers to answer a variety of questions ranging from style preferences, lifestyle, and property type. Great for lead generation, the only drawback was that the tool needed an update in both aesthetics and usability.

Top Draw assisted in optimizing the tool to make it more engaging and usable; and also worked to drive traffic towards it. The end result is a tool that is visually appealing and easy to use. As an added perk, Salisbury Landscaping can take the visual tool’s creation directly to their design team and begin building a plan the minute the client is ready.