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Managing the Content in
Building Community

Melcor Developments Ltd. is a diversified and publicly traded real estate and property management company. For nearly a hundred years, Melcor has been at the forefront of western Canadian development, playing a major role in the sustainable development of communities throughout Canada and the USA.

The Challenge

As creator of communities (and not just properties) Melcor called on Top Draw to create a web solution for a series of their anchor golf courses in Alberta and British Columbia. These courses all had their own brand, style attitude and customer experience, and these elements had to be preserved. Additionally, Melcor’s corporate communications team needed administrative access, but they also needed to give course staff the ability to update content as needed.

A single solution with multiple opportunities

Top Draw took a strategic approach in building a multi-site solution complete with content and design strategies that would preserve the branding and customer experiences for each course while still maintaining user permissions. For golf professionals and staff who may need to alter scheduling, lesson information or activities, access remains easy with instant updates. For Melcor management, higher admin permissions ensure the integrity of the system overall.

Creating a balance

Top Draw was able to use child themes to apply different styling to design elements for each course. This gives users the specific look, feel and experience they expect when visiting a golf course — letting customers find whatever they need to get out on the greens.

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