Top Draw drives Jiffy Lube Canada to their best sales in history

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Objective: Drive new customers to Jiffy Lube locations across Canada.

Metrics: Online coupon downloads, in-store coupon scan data, and Google store visits data.

Top Draw has been working with Jiffy Lube as their digital marketing partner since 2016, growing our involvement every year. In August 2017, we launched a Local SEO initiative, based on the insights that 60% of site traffic was mobile and that potential customers are looking for Jiffy Lube in their moment of need: often in the car and looking for a quick oil change near them.

Being Strategic about
Local SEO

Through improving local keywords and keyphrases we improved local search experience for users and enabling them to find the nearest Jiffy Lube more effectively. Additionally, we developed individual store location pages and marked up each page using Local Business Schema for Auto Repair to get the best SEO results possible.

Our Results

Increase of organic traffic from Google of 323.2% — which in turn drove thousands of new customers to Jiffy Lube’s locations each month.

Being Smart about Search Engine Marketing

Top Draw restructured and optimized Jiffy Lube’s AdWords account around local behaviour. Campaign performance saw massive enhancements through the use of more localized bid adjustments, targeting based on proximity to Google My Business listings, the addition of local extensions and the ability to track when people clicked on an ad and then went to change their oil.

Our Results

The results were drastic: Return On Ad Spend (ROAS) rose 46%. In-store coupon scans of the AdWords-connected barcode also increased 40%, proving that digital marketing was driving in-store activity.

Proven Results

Increase of Organic Traffic

Thousands of New Customers

Increase of In-store Coupon Scans

Using AdWords-connected barcode

Increase in ROAS

(Return on Ad Spend)

Based on our revenue reporting, we have had 16 record-breaking sales weeks. We have been in business for 30 years and the only change we made to our marketing strategy was working with Top Draw.

Kelly McClung - Vice President, Marketing and Operations Jiffy Lube