Elections Alberta

Rebuilding a Mark That Matters

Enhancing the user experience to better meet the electoral needs of Albertans

As Alberta’s online hub for election information, candidate profiles, voting districts and more, Elections Alberta understands the value of improving its site’s navigation and mobile responsiveness in a province immersed in the digital age. With an election fast approaching, Elections Alberta and Top Draw joined forces for a complete content and development-design overhaul.

Non-Election Mode Screenshot
Election Mode Screenshot

Election Mode/Non-Election Mode

Top Draw developers built a new functionality for the province’s 87 election divisions, divided into two modes: Election Mode and Non-Election Mode.

When an upcoming election is automatically detected, the website transforms into Election Mode—displaying an information bulletin board for candidate profiles, including division-specific calls-to-action (i.e. maps to voting stations). When an election is not in progress, the Elections Alberta website defaults to a Non-Election Mode where information on MLAs and other news updates are listed.

Developing Mobile-Friendly Design

One of Top Draw’s construction challenges was developing a widely accessible website containing content mindful of all citizens legal to vote. Careful details were committed to choosing the most reader-friendly font, as well as built-in code specialized for screen readability.

Comprehensive Content Audit

Top Draw’s content strategist performed an in-depth content audit of Elections Alberta’s previously existing website. Once visitor behaviours and most frequent queries were catalogued, a strict review of calls-to-action and information pages were evaluated for effectiveness and relevancy. From the audit, content was created with the utmost care in concern for non-partisan information and clarity for all citizens of Alberta.

The Elections Alberta website was also created in a mobile- and tablet-responsive design to ensure public availability, as well as future-friendly use should the chief election office implement the use of tablets for information access at voting stations.