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Civeo Corporation

Taking Online Marketing Global

Taking Online Marketing Global

Civeo is a global workforce accommodation specialist with headquarters in Houston, Texas and offices throughout Canada, the United States and Australia. With goals of improving online marketing and SEO strategies for all branches, Civeo brought on Top Draw strategists to work closely with their marketing department to provide analytics and KPI (key performance indicator) reports, as well as training sessions focused on specific business objectives. Essentially, Top Draw has become the online marketing arm for this accomplished group of global accommodation providers.

Custom Training for Digital Marketing

Google Tag Manager

Top Draw conducted both in-house and video conferenced customized training sessions for Civeo’s local and international team of marketing experts. Each session emphasized the integration of customer signal-based marketing with sales. For Top Draw, meaningful marketing happens when customer signals confirm that your strategies are actually working—when conversions outweigh impressions. Through the implementation of Google Tag Manager’s dual comprehensive tracking system, Top Draw has simplified the tracking of user behaviours and created systems that help everyone understand online impact now and into the future.

Reporting and Analysis Focused on KPIs

Beyond training and maximizing Civeo’s website performance, Top Draw SEO strategists provide weekly and monthly performance reports and analyses on the company’s overall successes. From the reports, Top Draw provides recommendations to ensure that online marketing strategies are achieving key business objectives.

Global Internet, but Different Rules

The Internet is an international tool with different rules and regulations when it comes privacy policies for various countries. Civeo is committed to maintaining the highest level of customer privacy with minimal risk to its clients—both online and offline across all branches. As an extension of Civeo’s marketing arm, Top Draw has taken strict care to ensure privacy policies are adhered to and respected between all three branches. This due diligence and attention has also been extended to online behaviour differences between North Americans and Australians—Canadians trained in the art of thinking like an Aussie.

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