ATB Investor Services

Breaking new ground

Building a first-of-its-kind online application with ATB Investor Services

Top Draw worked closely with ATB Investor Services’ to build a unique online investment tool—ATB Online Advice. A first in the banking industry ATB Online Advice provides customers with the fundamental building blocks to create a financial plan based on current assets, saving habits, and individual goals for the future.

Through the seamless integration of financial advice, integrated banking and product purchase, ATB Online Advice is truly in a class of its own.

Collaboration for the Win

ATB Investor Services had a grand vision, and they chose Top Draw’s creativity, innovation and skill to turn that vision into a reality. What made this project unique was the intense collaboration between the large corporation with a long list of requirements and the an independent group of web-developing pros. Top Draw made themselves an extension of ATB Investor Services, dedicating an exceptionally large team of highly skilled developers to ensure the success of the project.

To provide further value to customers, the online tool integrates with ATB Financial’s online banking system. This functionality allows the client to connect with their personal account, link with their financial plan profile, and have complete access to make changes or investments from the comfort of their home.

Communicating in Code

Because this project dealt with ATB Investor Services’ financial clients, security was of the utmost importance. As a result, a secure interface service had to be built for Top Draw to query information data. In short, Top Draw had to send incredibly complex messages in heavy tech languages via this interface all while simultaneously coding all backend calculations in the construction process.

What Top Draw created was a platform with four custom plugin tools. Each plugin housed a specific element essential to building financial plans and investments. These aspects required a great deal of special attention and custom development. Some were built using “MVC Architecture” via WordPress, which few people are aware is even possible, let alone executable on such a grand scale.

Educate and Entertain

For the majority of ATB’s customers, the notion of investment is overwhelming and the learning curve quite steep. To keep customers engaged, we drew upon a variety of visuals and narratives to educate them as the progressed through the tool.

A Wholistic Customer Approach

Top Draw worked closely with ATB Investor Services’ business analysts to build a unique 6-step planning tool. The end result provided the user with the fundamental building blocks to create a financial plan based on goals for the future, current assets, and saving habits.

in their own words

We collaborated with Top Draw to create a new way to give advice, education and planning support to more Albertans. They were an incredible partner in understanding how to help people in an electronic environment and we are thrilled with what we have designed together.
Rita Sly, Managing Director, Advisory Service, ATB Investor Services