Abarent Construction

Building Online Relevancy
from the Ground Up

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For years, Abarent Construction Ltd. used traditional directory advertising, like Yellow Pages, to generate phone calls for services. As is the case for so many of our clients, however, expectations using this form of media were no longer being met.

Our relationship started off with a website redesign project, where we were able to introduce our diverse team, breadth of services and commitment to measured results. Shortly after the new site launch, Abarent enlisted our SEO team for customized online marketing services.

A recap of the entire project scope included:

  • Maintaining and promoting established brand awareness
  • Developing a mobile responsive website
  • Assessment of content relevancy
  • Creation of an online dashboard on calls, campaigns and the site
  • Organic and pay-per-click SEO strategies, particularly for specialized projects


Since partnering with Top Draw in 2013, Abarent Construction has
witnessed a 192.59% increase in conversions, year over year!

Custom Tracking Dashboards for what Really Matters

Online marketing goes beyond increasing how many customers like your business or click on your website link—it’s about building a better business with conversions that generate ROI. Top Draw’s SEO strategists created a custom dashboard to track all site visitors from the first time they visit to how they navigate the site—from where they click to when they request a quote or make a phone call. This level of tracking provides insights on exactly what strategies are working and which should be re-evaluated.

Now Abarent Construction knows exactly where clients are visiting from, what they’re interested in, and how they contact the company. Dollar for dollar, Abarent Construction can see firsthand where and how investments are helping the business grow.

Transparency—and Accountability—in Service and Results

Accountability and transparency have to exist for online marketing services to result in solutions that work. To maintain the utmost level of transparency, a shared action board was built linking Abarent Construction Ltd. with Top Draw’s Project Action list.

Though this level of transparency is not common between most business clients, Top Draw recognized Abarent’s desire to be kept involved every step of the way. No tricks. Just true partner-to-partner cooperation.