When is it time to redesign?


Keller Construction rebuilds for today’s business goals and user experience.

Keller Construction Ltd. launches its new website to inspire potential clients to imagine the possibilities. After a complete redesign and content strategy overhaul, Keller Construction’s website is aligned with its business goals of today.

It can be difficult to recognize when it’s time to redesign a website. Some companies assume that simply having a static website is enough, but that can be a costly mistake. A website exists to grow customer base, and when the results of that growth start to slip, it’s time to take a deeper look at what is and isn’t working for your website.

How to Recognize When It’s Time to Redesign:

  1. Not Getting Results (conversion rate is low)
  2. Not Representing the Brand (website doesn’t mirror the business’ evolvement)
  3. No longer functional (it’s easier to leave than to navigate)
  4. Not getting ahead of the competition (update before the competition does)
  5. Not SEO optimized (Business page ranks low)
  6. Non-Responsive (Google gives preference to mobile-responsive websites)

After over 50 years of leadership in the construction industry, Keller has evolved to become a construction strategy, management, build and interior design powerhouse. The decades spent perfecting their craft has landed multiple partnerships with some of the biggest brands in the country, yet their website wasn’t conveying that message. Keller Construction challenged Top Draw with the task of redesigning their website with a unique aesthetic that would truly represent the innovation and originality that Keller brings to each new project.

keller3The Design

As companies evolve, it’s important for websites to be maintained to accurately reflect the objects and growth of the business. For Keller Construction Ltd., their previous website focused primarily on construction services. Today, Keller has developed into a one-stop construction management, design-build, and contracting hub with the inclusion of impeccable interior design. Top Draw’s design objective was to showcase Keller’s wide spectrum of remarkable work in a way that would inspire potential customers to imagine the possibilities in working with Keller.


Along with maintaining a design that accurately reflects a company’s website, functionality also needs to be maintained in order to stay current with the Internet’s ongoing cycle of change. To improve Keller’s website functionality, Top Draw ensured the design suited mobile responsive requirements to make navigating the site incredibly easy — from any device. On top of that, Google ranks mobile responsive websites higher on a search engine list?because of the higher quality experience for users. On Keller’s site, user-paths were simplified by consolidating all the services on the homepage and by providing access to relevant projects at every step.



An in-depth search engine optimization audit and keyword research study were performed and translated into the content throughout the site. Not only has the content been optimized to speak the language of Keller’s target demographics, but so too has their portfolio, making it easier for potential customers to discover the quality work completed in recent years.

It can be difficult to recognize or even justify the need to redesign an entire website. But when your website is no longer generating the results you want or aligning with the goals and services of your business today, then it’s time to look into what improvements can be made to get you moving ahead.


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