What Are Google Hosted Local Conversion Actions?

What Are Google Hosted Local Actions?

Local Actions are conversions that are counted when potential customers view an online advertisement and complete an action, like visiting the advertisers’ physical address. Local conversions are linked with Google’s other products and services. For example, you see an advertisement for Jiffy Lube Oil Change, a couple of days later you select directions to the nearest location on Google Maps. Google will then track your activity and counts that action within AdWords.

These are the 6 local actions:

Clicks to call: Clicks on the “Call” button
Local actions – Directions: Clicks on the “Get directions” button
Local actions – Website visits: Clicks on the website link
Local actions – Other engagements: Clicks on other tracked user actions (for example: share location, save, etc.)?
Local actions – Orders:?Clicks on the “Order” button
Local actions – Menu views:?Clicks on the menu link


How do I add Local Actions to My Account?

Google Hosted Location Actions are conversions that are added to an AdWords account in partnership with enabling location extensions. This allows all the above-mentioned actions?to track any Google location-based ad or service after an ad interaction, such as Google My Business. This was confirmed through a phone call with Google and these actions cannot be removed or paused within the account.


It is speculated, that Google has implemented these conversions into accounts in association with the new automated smart campaigns and local campaigns that were recently announced during the Google Marketing Live 2018: Marketing Innovations Keynote.


Kim Spalding explained that these Smart campaigns were created to help small businesses do more by making campaigns simple, saving advertisers time and are focused on driving results. ?“When small businesses grow, so do our communities,” (Spalding, K. 2018). Phillip McDonnell continued to elaborate on Google’s innovation rollout of local campaigns, leading to simpler experiences for consumers. Local Campaigns promote local businesses across local networks and focus on achieving online, as well as offline, performance goals.
Google Marketing Live, 2018


Where Can I Find Them?

Google Hosted local action conversions can be found in the settings conversions. Even though they are locked, don’t worry your pretty little head. These conversions only show under the “all conversions” column and you can segment by conversion action to see a more detailed breakdown.


Google hosted actions

Conversions settings showing Google hosted actions implemented by Google


Local action conversions

Local action conversions reporting under all conversions


If you have multiple locations, you can see the per-store report which shows the number of people visiting your physical store location either during or after viewing your online advertisement. These conversions will show more specific data from the different store locations, like website visits, phone calls, and driving directions to the physical address.


Top Draw will continue to monitor Google and their new product launches in order to determine how to better influence this for local businesses. More to come as we continue to test and research.


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8 thoughts on “What Are Google Hosted Local Conversion Actions?

    1. Hey Tarak,
      As we understand it, these conversions cannot be removed from the Ads account. Your only option, if you don’t want these conversions in your account, is to remove the location extension. It’s through the location extension that these conversion points are first generated.
      Hope that helps!
      –Meg Timmons

  1. Thanks for this information. But is there any option to delete / disable the Google hosted conversion?

    The background is: I let my campaigns run on max. conversions for sales and newsletter subscriptions. But local actions, like calls, are not that interesting for my campaigns. I fear that the setting max. conversion could put too much weight on local actions. Any ideas? :)

    1. Hi Bjorn,
      Unfortunately, you cannot remove these conversions from an Ads account without removing the location extension from the account. That being said, these “auto” conversions don’t actually impact the automated bid strategies since they’re reported on under the “all conversions” metric, rather than the traditional “conversions” metric. From what I can tell, there’s actually no way to use these local actions to influence bid strategies.
      –Meg Timmons

  2. Hi, thanks for these valuable insights. Will these conversions can be counted as genuine especially the “Clicks To Call”. Can we report it to any client that he gets call showing this?

  3. This Side Amit,

    Can you tell me the process how to set up google hosted conversion. Because I have created location extension but I am not able to set up google hosted conversion. Please help me out to set up the same conversion.

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