Why You Want to Work at Top Draw

Are you looking for something new? Is it time to face new challenges, join a new team and exercise your crisp skills in a different organization? If so, Top Draw is the place to be.

Company Culture

Besides our nerdy jokes, frequent team activities and random sweet treat surprises, we celebrate the addition of new team members by having welcome lunches and giving welcome gifts! We ALWAYS awkwardly sing happy birthday to one another on our special days, followed by devouring birthday cake (or whatever weird item the birthday boy/girl wanted) and watching funny YouTube videos, and regularly organize BBQs, group outings and holiday events. Our energetic, positive culture is based on our mantra, “For the Win!”

Business Practices

Forget rush hour traffic, or clock watching bosses. At Top Draw we offer people the option to work from home, bank time, train at work and work flex-time hours. With flex-time you can start as early as 7:00 AM or as late as 9:00 AM. This allows you to maintain a flexible schedule and dodge the daily rush.

We also provide a comprehensive employee benefits plan, paid expenses as well as quality technical equipment?based on your?preferences. (The PC versus Mac debate is a frequent occurrence around here…) Our professional development meetings allow us to identify your needs, concerns and goals, as well as formulate step-by-step plans to enhance your development.


An integral component of our company is team work. We?don’t do annual reviews, we thrive on frequent recognition, feedback and 1:1s.?When you join the Top Draw crew, you will no longer be a one-man wolf pack. ?You will be working closely with a skilled, dedicated team, where collaboration and innovation are encouraged. You can expect that others will help you to grow and succeed, but you are also expected to do the same for your peers.


Ohhhh the perks! This is what you’ve been waiting for:

  • Quarterly staff awards with cash and bragging rights (trophies)
  • Free parking downtown. That’s right…?downtown
  • Office 3 blocks from the LRT for transit lovers
  • Unlimited supply of coffee + snacks and beverages (not unlimited)
  • Lively work environment with open and upstairs common spaces for collaboration
  • Your choice of workstation set up (Mac vs. PC – sitting vs. standing desks)
  • Weekly doggy days to brighten up the workspace
  • Extra paid week of vacation over the holidays
  • A budgeted, dedicated culture club that plans events for staff to let lose during paid hours
  • Support for professional development (paid time, certifications, workshops, conferences and classes)

There’s More!

We are?a stable business that has recently entered its 22nd year! Even with the economic recession, we have still seen increased growth in both client numbers and revenue – so that’s saying something.

Most importantly, we believe that family comes first and we understand that “life happens.” We do our best to accommodate during tough times and value the opinions of our team members.?In our developing industry, we’re always looking for fresh talent, new perspectives and solid teammates. If you’re interested in knowing more about us, stop by for a coffee or reach out to set up a chat.

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  1. Hey, are you applying for a job with Top Draw? If so, it might interest you to know our office is currently undergoing a massive renovation which includes a new killer rooftop patio! Can you say BBQ & beers? Renos will be complete the summer of 2015!

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