4 Tips for Finding + Sharing Engaging Content for Social Media

Written by Top Draw guest contributor Apurva Jog

Content is KingWe’ve all heard the phrase content is king a thousand times by now. In order to give due credibility to your social media pages, it is important to publish and share content that is of high quality and will prove to be valuable to your readers.

Curating and publishing quality content helps you stay updated with current industry trends, and it also allows you to freely engage with your audience without being too salesy. You might be thinking – conversations with audience, who wouldn’t like that – but a lot of times brands have difficulty producing content that appeals to everyone. The task is time-consuming and not necessarily simple, because you have to scour through tons of websites before you stumble upon that perfect article or blog post.

It also takes up time from all the other business-related activities you might need to get done during the day. If this is something you have experienced or are currently experiencing, here are 4 tips that can help you discover amazing content without having to lose any hair on your head.


1. Content curation tools – use them!

If you are a social media manager, or just someone who wants to keep their social media pages looking lively, a content curation tool can be your life-saver. There are many tools out there, and you can choose one depending on your needs and requirements.

Use Storify if you are looking for breaking news, or stories about live events or campaigns. The application allows you to conduct a search for stories that might be of interest to you and also lets you edit and customize the stories before your publish them. Adding images and text takes just minutes and once you are done creating a custom story, you can share it to your social media pages. You can even collaborate on content creation with your colleagues if you opt for the Enterprise Plan that Storify offers.

DrumUp is a really cool content discovery tool that provides the freshest content recommendations depending on the keywords you enter. You can share the discovered content to your Facebook, LinkedIn and Google+ pages, or if you want, you can schedule the content to go out at a later time. This way you don’t have to sign in to your accounts at odd hours just to get something published. With DrumUp’s clean dashboard, you can add multiple social media accounts so that you don’t have to log in and log out every time you want to look at a different account.

If you are someone who likes browsing the net, but never have the time to read the articles you find, Pocket is the perfect tool for you. With this bookmarking tool, you can save links to various websites and go back to them at a later time. It’s a pretty handy tool to use when you are browsing in a hurry but want to save a few links for reading later.


2. Engage your audience

Yes, it is possible to get really great content from your audience. Your followers or friends on your social media accounts are superb resources for content that you can get inspired from, or even share directly.? When you engage with your audience, you can dig deeper into their views and opinions and take inspiration for content from there. You can also ask questions, start polls and discussions to gain rich content for your posts.

If you are an active blogger, reserve one day every week for guest contributions on your blog. Encourage your readers to submit posts. You can take bits and pieces from those guest posts and promote them on your social media pages. This way, you are promoting good quality content and are also promoting your blog.

Another great way to find content is from Twitter chats. You can quote users and their responses or get involved by commenting or replying to their posts. This will boost audience engagement and will also help you find good content.

3. Keep an eye on your social media networks

social mediaSince almost anything and everything can be found on social media networks, why not quality content! By keeping up with your social media accounts, you can stay up to date with the latest trends in your industry, and also get to know the various influencers that are making a mark on social media.

You will always be able to find interesting articles and posts on Facebook and even Google+. If you have added or are following people who belong to the same industry as you, there is probably a lot of content that is being exchanged on these channels. LinkedIn works a little different, as it is a professional network, so it is a great source for professional content. You can join groups on the network or even read posts by connections to find engaging content.

Twitter is a network that is constantly buzzing and never slows down. There is an endless stream of content that you will always be able to tap into if you are on the lookout for good content. Participate in Twitter chats and other discussions and make use of trending hashtags, which is a great way of finding relevant content for your posts.

newsletters and blog posts4. Read through newsletters and blog posts

Most companies put out newsletters on a regular basis or publish blog posts on various topics on their website. It is a good idea to subscribe to these newsletters or blog posts so that you can be notified for each new piece of content published. Follow influencers and their blogs to see the type of content they are publishing and to find new information that you can refurbish for your own social media posts.

When you do publish content from someone else’s network, always add your own take to it to ensure the posts are more authenticate. This way, you can earn more credibility on your social media networks.

All of these are great tips to follow when it comes to finding and sharing content. You can choose your favourite channel to get the information you need or use all of them in combination. Just remember that content is a vital ingredient in any social media marketing strategy. If you continue to share good content on a regular basis, you will always have ongoing audience engagement.

Apurva Jog

Apurva Jog is a Content Writer at DrumUp, a social media management tool. She has penned down several articles related to social media management and content marketing. When she is not writing, she is usually catching up with anything that is trending in the social media sphere.

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