How to Deal With Co-Workers Who Want to Get Physical With You

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Is your co-worker trying to get physical with you on a regular basis? Do you find yourself constantly saying, “No, I’m not in the mood today,” and then avoid certain hallways and the staff kitchen just to keep away from this person? You’re not alone in this situation. Many people suffer from working alongside physically active individuals. The only alternative to avoidance, my friend, is acceptance. Join in, get sweaty, breathe heavy in awkwardly close proximity and throw him or her an epic high-five, because working out with your co-worker is an excellent way to foster creativity and build strong company culture.

At Top Draw, we not only have a team composed of some of the best talent in Edmonton, we also boast quite the gun show (seriously, one guy actually owns a few guns). Yet, I bet when you imagine a pack of web-building geeks passionate for user stories, site speed optimization and keyword research, you picture a bunch of pale, weedy individuals hunched over their keyboards and hissing at the sunlight.


While that is an accurate depiction some of the time,?more often than not, the?staff at Top Draw can be found?outdoors getting physically fit. Between project breaks and analytics reports, you’ll find a combination of our staff, either together or solo, running, biking, swimming, sport shooting, golfing and generally getting their?sweat onsome even have tan lines.

And I’m not just talking about on weekends, some of us get together at 5AM before work, during lunch or after hours to do all the above. Plus, we’ve got a pretty serious group of Fitbit wearers you don’t want to mess with.

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I bet you’re swimming in your own pool of shock and awe after learning just how physical we get. You might even be on the verge of Googling, “sexy web-builders” to find out if more of us exist. But before you start texting your friends and sharing this article all over the Internet, allow me to introduce you to Top Draw’s elite athletes. The elites who run further, dance harder and lift more than any other—they even have their own digital trading cards. ??

PrintPeter Wegren

Peter is a dedicated bicycle commuter and epic running enthusiast. This year he set the 7th fastest course time in Leg 7 of the Sinister 7 Ultra Marathon, and his team placed 3rd in their category and 12th overall. He is a member of the November Project, which meets 1-3 times per week at 6AM in a variety of locations throughout Edmonton to greet the day with a vigorous workout, as well as Run Collective, which meets every Wednesday evening. Peter competes in a variety of races throughout the year such as the MEC Race Series, Edmonton Pride Run, Grizzly Ultra Marathon, and the Sinister 7 Ultra Marathon.


PrintEddy Sims

Eddy is Top Draw’s resident B-boy, choreographer and parkour athlete. ?He is a proud member of the FlyFree Parkour Team and has performed as part of many different crews, including Beta.4, FunkyMonks, and Rhythm Speaks to name a few. With these crews he has had the opportunity to win competitions, perform for events?such?as the Singing Christmas Tree, Hip Hop for Hope, as well as?open for many major performers. From back flip to head spin, Eddy practices at the FlyFree Parkour Gym 5 times a week and also keeps a regimen of calisthenics and running to keep in top form. The rest of the Top Draw staff are admittedly impressed by and jealous of his “mad skills.” Check out some of his sweet moves on Instagram.




Adriel Michaud

Adriel is an avid firearms enthusiast and participates in 3 Gun Sport Shooting with the CHAS 3 Gun League in Edmonton. 3 Gun Sport Shooting requires the use of three different firearms: a modern sporting rifle, a pistol and a shotgun. Matches involve a course where the shooter must move through different stages and engage targets in a variety of different positions. The distances of targets can range from 1 to 500 yards or anything in between. The shooter who hits the most targets and avoids certain “no shoot” targets in the least amount of time is the winner. It is a sport that requires physical precision, focus and LOTS?of practice. Adriel also spends time on the badminton court and archery range to stay in shape and remain efficient.



PrintCindy Joly

Cindy was a natural bodybuilder for 6 years and placed 2nd in her class at a western Canadian competition in 2006. She got into bodybuilding to recover from chronic back issues brought on in part by the amount of time she was required to sit in the office at the time.

As the oldest (in career years only) Top Draw employee, she defies the effects of aging by continuing her active lifestyle and playing sports such as fastball and ringette, practicing yoga, and participating in hip hop and contemporary dance classes. She’s also converted an empty bedroom into a home studio to make it easy (and have no excuses) to fit in yoga or workout sessions.



PrintSteve Chen

Steve started?playing badminton at age 10, and competed provincially?up until 2006. Badminton is an excellent full-body workout requiring strength, agility and precision movements. While many might think of badminton as a dainty, laid-back activity, it can be extremely fast-paced and physically demanding. Competitive players have been known to fire the shuttlecock at up to 200 mph, that’s faster than a Eurostar train! Steve was so invested in this sport that he unintentionally?overdeveloped the muscles on the right side of his body and remains slightly lopsided to this day (though we love him regardless). Playing badminton has helped Steve meet new people and feel comfortable enough to try numerous?other sports including hockey, basketball and ultimate frisbee.?

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  1. You guys are awesome. I just applied. As a former DDR national champion, and a future global technology leader, I can’t wait to arm wrestle you guys. Bring it.


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