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Webinar: How to Balance Traditional vs Online Marketing in 2016

By Beverley Theresa

Learn how to strike the right balance between traditional and online marketing in this upcoming webinar with Top Draw and ActiveDEMAND. Marketers and businesses are invited to learn how to evaluate their current marketing efforts, marketing data and attribution reporting and how to use this gathered data to make the right decisions.

Agency Work Life | Project Management

Lessons for Junior Project Management in a Creative Edmonton Agency

By Maegan Saunders

As a new Project Administrator, on the track to becoming a Project Manager (PM), I’m learning the ropes (think high wire!) of the fast paced agency life. And after only two months in my new role, I have come to realize that there is more to managing a project than the “golden triangle,” the five D’s, and waterfall vs. Agile Style, because the piece of the pie that takes the most time in my day is checking in with my team and supporting their progress.