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What Google Certified Link Building Might Look Like

By Melanie Nathan

As a link builder, it has always pained me a little to see Google lavish such love and appreciation upon PPC (pay-per-click) service providers. Imagine if, as a link builder, you had a document from Google that certified that you ‘know your stuff’ when it comes to getting links. Awesome, right?! Now imagine how helpful […]

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Link Building as a Freelance Writer

By Melanie Nathan

As a link builder, I’m constantly looking for sites I can utilize to get links for my clients. There are no shortage of directories, blogs and resource lists to target, but when it comes to domains with lots of authority, these are much harder to nail down.

One way I get around this is by signing up to be a freelance writer for big, popular sites. By doing this, I get to not only score a few links for my clients here and there, but I also get to increase my online authority by writing about the things I know and love!

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Five Tips for Successful Link Building

By Melanie Nathan

So you own a website and you know you’re supposed to get other sites to link to it in order to get Google to trust you. Awesome! You’re already leaps and bounds ahead of most website owners. Depending on your game plan though, authority building can either be a very rewarding or a very frustrating experience. Having been a link builder for the majority of my SEO career, I’ve been at both ends of that spectrum.

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SMBs: What you need to know about Google Places & Google Plus Local

By topdrawinc

UPDATE:?Google has recently added the option to contact them for Google Local support (even in Canada!). If you’ve gone through these steps and are still having problems, click here?and then click the red contact us button in the top right. Then click call us, and follow the steps. Google made some big changes to their […]