Tommy Klufas

Account Manager

“You can judge a man’s true character by the way he treats his fellow animals.”
– Paul McCartney

To be a great Account Manager you need to be a juggler. Someone who can manage a myriad of tasks and provide quality customer service without dropping anything. Tommy has worked on both sides of the fence and has a passion for digital marketing and metrics. It is important to learn how to communicate effectively to determine what’s important in a way that everyone can understand while maintaining timelines.

He is a winner of the first extracurricular student award with the Advertising Club of Edmonton. Charity is paramount in Tommy’s life. It reminds him where he’s come from and how to remain humble. A long term volunteer at the Youth Empowerment & Support Services and a donor to The Edmonton Food Bank. He has recently signed up for Habitat for Humanity and look forward to using my knowledge of Residential Electrical to help build homes.

Certifications: BBA – Marketing, Google Search, Google Display, Google Analytics, and Facebook Blueprint.