Mike Ausford

Technical Director

“Everywhere is within walking distance if you have the time.”
– Steven Wright

Mike got his introduction into digital marketing running Google AdWords campaigns, optimizing websites, and analyzing marketing performance. Combining?his digital marketing savvy with his strong organizational skills and love for developing people makes him a great fit for Director of the Digital Marketing department. On any given weekend, Mike is with his buds and/or scouring Spotify for the best party playlists.

Education: BCom (Marketing) – University of Alberta, Digital Media & IT – NAIT
Certifications: Google AdWords, Google Analytics

From the Blog

Is Online Advertising Expensive?

Some of our clients often ask us to evaluate the different marketing platforms of both off and online marketing platforms, which has given us visible access to the costs and results of a variety of marketing mediums. What this research has shown us is that online marketing is very inexpensive. We’re talking about the difference between pennies to dollars.

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